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Uttaranchal is a place of natural beauty, Wide Himalayan mountain range, Rich in heritage, Colour full in culture, peaceful and loving in people's nature. Every part, every city, every village, every town, every river, every mountain and every thing of Kumaon region has its own uniqueness for Tourist it's a place adorned by temples, forest .it offers a clear picture of the imposing Himalayas. For pilgrims it's a buzz with festivals during chait and ashwin months of Navarats. For students and research's Kumaon has it's significance from historical, archaeological and sculptural aspects.

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Auli Also known as a skier’s paradise, Auli has one of the best slopes in the world facilitating Him..
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This trek is for those who like to stop and enjoy the journey, the mountain panoramas, and time in p..
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The route to Roopkund passes through delightful alpine pastures and snowfields and offers magnificen..
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The Kumaon region in the State of Uttaranchal has unimaginable natural beauty waiting to be discover..
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The Valley was introduced to the world as the Valley of Flowers by Frank S, Smith - mountaineer, exp..
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