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Himachal Pradesh

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Surrounded by snows and acres of scree, this deep blue-water lake has a circumference of 2.5 k.m. Th..
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If one has come to Himalaya to hike across high Himalayan habitants one will be choice of trek in Sp..
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It's an excellent option for the trekker who is reasonably fit. Leaving the Manali valley, the trek ..
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The Leh to Manali highway crosses the main Himalaya Range by a series of very high passes, including..
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This cycling tour involves visiting remote valleys, villages and crossing over high mountain passes ..
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Nothing can be more exciting and adventurous than the overland road trip to Leh and Ladakh from Mana..
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The Shimla spiti- leh Tour blends the adventure of riding Classic mountain bike with spectacular sce..
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Kunzam Pass provides chief access to Lahaul valley by the great Kunzam range. The lofty Shigri Glaci..
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This trek is much more easliy done from Ladakh rather than Spiti both for logistics and easy of the ..
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Beginging in the small town of Udaipur with its Hindu temples we trek through the beautiful less tra..
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