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The trail from Dzongri continues along the right bank of the river towards east. After cresting the hill the path drops into the valley and then crosses the bridge over the Prek Chu river. Its an hour climb from the bridge to Tangsiing (3800 m) located on the slopes of Mt Pandim. The climb to Goecha La begins with a gentle gradient eastwards for about half an hour and then later the steep ascent starts. The trail follows the glacial moraine north-east and then drops to a dry lake at Zemathang.

  1. Arr. Kolkata
  2. Darjeeling
  3. In Darjeeling
  4. In Darjeeling
  5. Youksum
  6. Trek
  7. Tsoka
  8. Dzongri
  9. Dzongri
  10. Thangshing
  11. Gochala
  12. Tsoka
  13. Youksum
  14. Gangtok
  15. Gangtok
  16. Kalingpo
  17. Kolkata
  18. Lv. Kolkata

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