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The Kumaon region in the State of Uttaranchal has unimaginable natural beauty waiting to be discovered ! The Himalayan ecology is well conserved here and offers a great retreat for all nature lovers. The trek to the Pindari Glacier is amongst the most favourite of treks in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. The trail takes you through some of the most spectacular landscape one can ever hope to see. The traditional, remote villages make for a special attraction for any visitor. At the final destination, the Pindari Glacier,one is rewarded with a view that will remain etched in the mind for life.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Delhi - Almora
  3. Almora
  4. Loharket
  5. Khati
  6. Dwali
  7. Phurkai
  8. Pindari
  9. Dwali
  10. Dhakuri
  11. Loharket
  12. Nanital
  13. IN Nanital
  14. Delhi
  15. Lv. Delhi


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