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Chander Tal

Brand: Himachal Pradesh
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Surrounded by snows and acres of scree, this deep blue-water lake has a circumference of 2.5 k.m. This is the source of the river Chandra. According to some believers, this is the spot from where the god Indra's chariot took the eldest Pandava brother, Yudhishtra to 'swarga' (heaven) in his mortal form.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Nalagarh
  3. Manali
  4. In Manali
  5. Chaturu
  6. Trek
  7. Trek
  8. Trek
  9. Trek
  10. Trek
  11. Tsokar
  12. Leh
  13. In Leh
  14. In Leh
  15. Fly - Delhi
  16. Lv. Delhi

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