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Beginging in the small town of Udaipur with its Hindu temples we trek through the beautiful less trampled Miyar nalla valley with its pristine alpine pastures surrounded by rocky and snow capped mountains – a great playground for climbing and enthusiasts. This high altitude valley is carpeted with flowers during the short summer months of July to end of September. The wide open meadows soon give way to serious terrain of rocks,scree and boulders and crevasses will have to be negotiated to get to the glaciated Kangla jot pass after which we enter into the zansker valley- a total contrast with its stunning moon like landscape and ancient Buddhist monasteries situated dramatically on the cliff tops and across the rugged hills.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Shimla
  3. In Shimla
  4. Kafnu
  5. Moling
  6. Pirstrang
  7. Paldar- Over B. pass
  8. Mud
  9. Guiling
  10. Kaza
  11. Kaza
  12. Manali
  13. In Manali
  14. Delhi
  15. Lv. Delhi

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