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Laylingzay Trek

Brand: Bhutan
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The itinerary offers an in-depth experience of the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ combining two very contrasting treks with an insight into the country’s diverse and fascinating culture. Each of the treks offer a different experience as we explore remote villages and spectacular landscapes, meeting many interesting and charming people on the way. On your Bhutan Forbidden Land tour, you discover Dzongs, monasteries and temples with fluttering prayer flags and stupas standing on every strategic points to give protection from evil spirits and negatives forces; learn about Bhutan's lovely people and their ways of life, culture; and encounter the country's historical past and present; meet inspiring hermits, be immersed in the murmuring sounds of monks.

Highest Point 123
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  1. Arr. Paro
  2. In Paro
  3. Drukyel Dzong
  4. Soi Thangthangkha
  5. Jongothang
  6. Rest
  7. Lingshi Village
  8. Chebisa
  9. Shomuthang
  10. Robluthang
  11. Lemithang
  12. Laya Village
  13. Thangsha Jasko
  14. Gasa Village
  15. Damji
  16. Punakha
  17. Thimphu
  18. Drive - Paro - Fly

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