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Graded on the International scale at Grade IV, the icy-cold waters of the river has a series of white water rapids with varying intensity and character. The icy cold waters of this tortous river have a series of rapids with varying intensity, difficulty level and character. It offers one of the finest rafting stretches in India. The river Teesta is regarded as a form of Goddess and used for the purpose of various religious rituals both by the Hindus and the Buddhists.

  1. Arr. Kolkata
  2. Tarin to NJP
  3. Kolkata
  4. Darjeeling
  5. Drive to Gangok
  6. Gangtok
  7. Rafting - Kalimpong
  8. In Kalimgong
  9. Drive to Bagdogra- Kolkata
  10. Lv. Kolkata

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