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Winter Festival Tour

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Stok and Matho festival are renowned for its colourful mask dances and has two Stok Oracles making predictions in full public view, in a similar manner to the Oracles of Matho Monastery. However, the difference between the two major festivals is that unlike the Oracles of Matho who are monks, the Stok Oracles are simple laymen. It is the responsibility of the lamas of Spituk Monastery to prepare these laymen to receive the spirit of the deities and become Oracles.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Fly - Leh
  3. In Leh
  4. In Leh
  5. Stok festival
  6. Stok festival
  7. Temisgam
  8. Temisgam
  9. Leh
  10. Matho festival
  11. Matho festival
  12. In Leh
  13. Fly - Delhi
  14. Lv. Delhi

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