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Nun and Kun peaks are the greater Himalayan range and is easily accessible from Kargil to Padum road. One day trek from the road will get you to the base camp for a great view of the peaks. Nun and Kun is the two known peak accessible from Suru valley with (Nun 7135 meters) and (Kun 7075 meters) respectively. The massif is located near the Suru Valley, about 250 km (160 miles) east of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. Italian mountaineer Mario Piacenza made the first ascent of Kun in 1913, via the north-east ridge.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Fly - Leh
  3. In Leh
  4. Drive to Kargil
  5. Drive to Golmortongor
  6. Trek to Base camp
  7. Advance camp
  8. Sumit
  9. Sumit
  10. Sumit
  11. Sumit
  12. Trek to Base camp
  13. Trek to Golmortongor
  14. Drive to Kargil
  15. Drive to Leh
  16. In Leh
  17. Fly - Delhi
  18. Lv. Delhi

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