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Kangyatse Dzongo Expedition

Brand: Ladakh
Trip Code: Moderate
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This climb offers you an opportunity to reach a height of 6200m without technical skills, and 6400 m with basic technical skills. The climb on Kangyatse is challenging and interesting, ideal for someone in quest of his/her first Himalayan summit. If you choose to scale the primary summit (6400 m), you will need to be experienced and well prepared, as it requires a traverse of a very difficult and technically challenging ridge.

  1. Arr. Delhi
  2. Fly - Leh
  3. In Leh
  4. In Leh
  5. Trek to Rumbak
  6. Kandala base
  7. Shingo
  8. Nardong
  9. Markha
  10. Hankar
  11. Base camp
  12. Sumit
  13. Sumit
  14. Trek to Dzonga base
  15. Sumit
  16. Sumit
  17. Trek - Chanktsang
  18. Lato
  19. Leh
  20. Fly - Delhi
  21. Lv. Delhi

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