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This short trek runs through Sham, the lower part of Ladakh .The trek will give you a great opportunity to see several ancient monasteries and villages that are rich in agriculture, especially fruit. The Likir- Tingmosgam trek is one of the easiest treks to acclimatize to, as the trail rarely rises above 4000 m. This classic trek is also called the "Baby Trek" because of the easy and mild hiking conditions. Starting from Likir, one passes through several villages among the richest in Ladakh and its worth visiting the monasteries of Likir, Ridzong and Tingmosgam on the way.

  1. Arr. Leh
  2. In Leh
  3. In Leh
  4. Trek - Yangthang
  5. Hemis Shukpa
  6. Temisgam
  7. Lamayuru
  8. In Leh
  9. Fly - Delhi
  10. Lv. Delhi

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