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Alchi to Wanla trek is a gorgeous and attracting trek where we will arrive crosswise some of the antique and most celebrated monasteries in Ladakh, established regarding 11th century by Lotsawa Rinche Sangpo. Wanla and Alchi region are as well significant to be remembered due to their ancient value. Alchi to Wanla trek is exclusive in that it presents an instance to glimpse not only the lots of wildlife prettiness of Ladakh, but also some of its well-famed monasteries.

  1. Arr. Leh
  2. In Leh
  3. In Leh
  4. Alchi
  5. Mangyoul
  6. Tar
  7. Base
  8. Urtse
  9. Wanla
  10. Lamayuru
  11. Leh
  12. Fly - Delhi
  13. Lv. Delhi

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